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Ambrosia Film

Ambrosia - "the nectar of Gods" (Greek mythology).

AMBROSIA also has been a long-ago vanished state in Italy, an asteroid, Merlin’s Grandmother or a divine Brazilian dessert. Most importantly AMBROSIA guaranteed the gods youth and immortality.

Since then, it has been the synonym for the most beautiful things in life. Like lots of beautiful things they are not vital to life but what would the world be without wonderful stories coming to life? Especially those which are told in moving pictures.

About us

During their studies of film production, Eva Illmer and Halina Dyrschka met at the Donau-University-Krems in the beautiful landscape of the Wachau in Austria. Being inspired to produce their first short film together, the producers have been working since then on several films. These films have been shown worldwide at International Film Festivals and the producers won numerous awards – alone 10 awards in 5 countries for their first short film; the FRIEDRICH-WILHELM-MURNAU-PREIS, ROBERT BOSCH FILM PRIZE, DEUTSCHER HÖRFILMPREIS and the VFF PROUZENTENPREIS 2020. Their first feature documentary film BEYOND THE VISIBLE about the Swedish artist Hilma af Klint, was critically acclaimed, also by the New York Times and chosen as one of the best films 2020.

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